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5g Minted USD 232.23USD 186.31 Unavailable
10g Minted USD 426.45USD 372.61 Unavailable
20g Minted USD 811.71USD 744.07 Unavailable
1oz Cast USD 1,228.95USD 1,157.18 Unavailable
1oz Minted USD 1,238.95USD 1,157.18 Unavailable
50g Minted USD 1,969.87USD 1,860.75 Unavailable
2½oz Cast USD 3,029.88USD 2,892.96 Unavailable
100g Minted USD 3,913.55USD 3,720.35 Unavailable
5oz Cast USD 6,024.75USD 5,785.92 Unavailable
10oz Cast USD 12,008.31USD 11,570.68 Unavailable
10oz Minted USD 12,089.50USD 11,571.84 Unavailable
20oz Cast USD 23,976.61USD 23,141.37 Unavailable
1kg Cast USD 38,533.10USD 37,201.15 Unavailable
50oz Cast USD 59,941.53USD 57,853.41 Unavailable

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09:41 AM AWST 31-Mar-2015

Gold AUD 1,562.35

Silver AUD 22.31

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