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What makes The Perth Mint a global leader in precious metals?

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The Perth Mint is Australia’s largest fully integrated, innovative precious metals enterprise.

We belong to an elite group of gold and silver refiners around the world who are trusted implicitly to meet the highest of standards.

As Australia’s only gold and silver refinery accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), we refine almost all of the gold recovered at Australian mine sites, as well as producing a substantial amount of refined silver.

Last year alone, our refinery processed almost 34 million ounces of gold and silver, bringing the total for the last three decades to more than 6,500 tonnes.

We ship 400oz gold and 1,000oz silver good delivery bars to London, and are the dominant supplier of value-added gold cast bars to China and India, the world’s leading consumers. We’re also renowned for our range of small investment cast bars, which are supplied into various local and overseas markets.

With between 300 and 400 tonnes of precious metals typically processed each year, our refining facility enjoys an international reputation for quality and efficiency.

Since being established in 1899 to make sovereigns, The Perth Mint has amassed vast experience in the manufacture of high quality precious metal coins. Today we produce an extensive range of sought-after gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and gold minted bars for investors.

Last year we sold $1.3 billion worth of minted product worldwide, representing more than 16 million coins and bars. During the past 30 years, we’ve made almost 51 million bullion and numismatic coins, adding value to nearly 270 tonnes of gold and more than 3,000 tonnes of silver.

For investors looking for the reassurance of safe storage, our depository offers a choice of secure precious metal investment solutions. With more than $3 billion worth of investors’ metal under management, making it bigger than many high street financial institutions, our depository has been chosen by around 30,000 clients from over 100 countries to keep their precious metal assets safe and secure.

When it comes to trust, quality and service, here’s why you can rely on The Perth Mint

For more than 100 years, The Perth Mint has been a trusted supplier of precious metal products and services, respected for our quality, security, efficiency and technical expertise.

Our dynamic operation maintains its global standing by upholding the core values of excellence, ethics, and equity, underpinned by an uncompromising focus on the customer and cost efficiency.

As well as being accredited as a refiner, weight master and assayer by the LBMA, we’ve achieved similar endorsements from the New York Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Gold Exchange, Dubai Metal & Commodities Centre, and Tokyo Commodities Exchange. As a result, the quality of our precious metal products is accepted without question in commodities markets and by consumers alike.

Our bullion coin range is manufactured under the authority of the Australian government. Each coin is issued as official Australian legal tender, its guarantee of weight and purity. And thanks to their superb ‘reverse proof’ finish, our Australian Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala and Platypus series have the reputation of being the highest quality bullion coins in the world.

Australian Kangraoo bullion coins made from 99.99% pure gold.

Investment cast bars, stamped with The Perth Mint ‘swan’ logo – our official LBMA registered mark – are equally trusted and internationally tradeable.

Satisfying investors’ demands for safe storage, our depository vaults meet international security standards and are monitored 24-hours a day. But when choosing where to store precious metals, The Perth Mint offers clients an unprecedented additional safeguard – something unique in this sector – in the form of a government guarantee.

We are wholly-owned by the government of Western Australia, which acquired the assets of the Perth Mint from Britain’s Royal Mint in 1970. To manage the Mint on a commercial basis, it created Gold Corporation under a Western Australian Act of Parliament in 1987. Our government guarantee, which applies to precious metals for physical delivery as well as storage with the depository, is included in the Gold Corporation Act 1987, Section 22, which states:

“The payment of the cash equivalent of gold due, payable and deliverable by Gold Corporation, the Mint or GoldCorp under this Act and all moneys due and payable by Gold Corporation ...  is guaranteed by the Treasurer, in the name and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State."

The Perth Mint is a financially strong organisation, and like any prudent individual, we insure our physical metals. While there’s never been any question about our ability to deliver in over a century of operations, the extra protective layer of a guarantee from the government of one of Australia's wealthiest states provides an exceptional level of reassurance for all our clients.

As we go forward, we’re continually striving to develop effective new solutions and to further improve customer focus through careful attention to our product quality and design, security, communications and client service. With this in mind, we’re almost ready to unveil an exciting new development concerning our innovative Depository Online precious metal trading web portal – and look forward to bringing you the exciting news in the very near future.

The Perth Mint genuinely is a global leader in precious metals.


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