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Bullion Buying Leaps On Price Woes

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Gold futures slumped to a 21 month low last week and most of the media is talking about the ‘bull’ that’s turned into a ‘bear’.

How are Perth Mint clients reacting? Looking at the level of activity on www.perthmintbullion.com today, they’re stepping up purchases of physical gold and silver.

In fact, our bullion website just recorded its highest daily turnover of the year so far and one of its best days of the past 12 months.

This tells us that that not everybody believes the gloom and instead sees this as the perfect buying opportunity.

Gold Coin Sales Rocket

Sales of Australian gold bullion coins have been especially robust. During Q1 2013 buyers acquired a thumping 48% more ounces of Kangaroos and Lunar coins than in the same period last year.

So is GFMS’s forecast of US$1,800+ per ounce before the end of the year still feasible?

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