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Blog Watch For 3rd April 2012

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Casey Research on when to sell

Hard to go past an article with this tagline: “Revealed – the simple economic indicator that will tell you when it's time to sell gold.

For the busy, here’s the punch line: “When real rates turn positive, especially above 2%, it may be time to sell. We'll have to see what's going on in the world at that time; if there's financial chaos, the fear factor could cause gold to depart from this historic pattern.”

It is another good piece by Casey Research and worth a read because negative real interest rates are a significant long term driver of gold prices.

Download today’s full Blog Watch (pdf 190kb) for more reviews, including:

Clive Maund - Technical Analysis

Clive considers gold’s recent trading behaviour to be one of consolidation and sees two alternative explanations of the pattern, both bullish.

Mark Faber on Bloomberg TV on gold

Mark has a different assessment. However, he’s not selling his gold!

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul (Beacon Equity Research) on silver

On volatility, Dominique thinks silver investors should “get over it, or get out!”

James West (Midas Letter Money) interviews Rick Rule and Eric Sprott

There’s an important element in this interview which refers to gold’s role as insurance for your investment portfolio.

Richard Karn (The Emerging Trends Report) on Australian gold producers

Richard has been travelling around Australia researching the the gold sector - and sees a lot to like.

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