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Answer To Customer Questions About Silver Lunar Series

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Sir, I was recently introduced to the Perth Mint 1oz. silver lunar coin series. I would like to collect the entire series but I am confused in that I have seen different images for the same year. Standing tiger, sitting tiger, one mouse, two mice, one ox, ox with calf. Is there a web page or web site where I can see the real, or official, image of all of the Perth 1oz. silver lunar series?
Also, I have seen here on the Perth Mint website that the 2008 mouse is listed at 45.15 US $. Is this price wholesale only or can I buy them at this price by calling the telephone number shown? Can I be alerted when each future mintage becomes available?
Thank you.
Brian Kuryn

In response to these questions, the following clarifications are for everyone who would like to start collecting Australian Lunar coins.

The original silver Series was introduced by The Perth Mint in 1999. Series I is complete and we do not make those coins any more.

As a result of the worldwide success of Series I, it was decided to introduce a second Lunar Series in 2008, commencing with new designs celebrating the Year of the Mouse. Subsequently we have issued Ox, Tiger and Rabbit coins. During the remainder of Series II we’ll be issuing coins celebrating the Years of Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

The first four designs from Series II celebrate the Years of the Mouse, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit.

For collectors, we offer extremely limited proof quality versions. Additionally, the Coloured Edition and Gilded Edition are popular collectables. These issues come in presentation packaging with numbered Certificates of Authenticity. (Check our numismatic website for details of all these annual releases).

For investors, we offer bullion quality versions in capsules. These coins are made in much larger quantities, enabling us to keep the sales premium to a minimum. Even though Lunar bullion coins are made for investors, we do acknowledge that they attract significant collector interest in many quarters.

1oz Lunar silver bullion coins have a maximum mintage of 300,000 each. Series II Ox, Tiger and Rabbit releases are sold out at the Mint, so you’d have to check with our distributors or explore the secondary market if you do not already own these designs.

In answer to the specific points raised above:

• Series II has completely different designs to Series I. Don’t forget that gold Lunar coins have different designs yet again!

• I have included ‘official’ images of the first four Series II silver bullion coins in this post. All remaining designs are submitted to Australian Treasury annually for approval and we are therefore unable to show these until much closer to their release dates.

• Prices on the bullion website are retail and are updated throughout the trading day to reflect changes in the spot value of silver.

• You can access the latest price for all 1oz silver bullion coins here.  The 2008 1oz silver Mouse is the same price as the 2011 1oz Kookaburra and Koala.

• The Australian Lunar Coin Series is issued annually each September. You can stay informed about forthcoming issues by signing up for our monthly e-newsletter when you ‘Register to Buy’ or simply use the ‘Subscribe to Email Newsletter’ form on our home page.

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Bullion Coins Worth Collecting

Topics [ Year of the Tiger Australian Lunar ]


The wholesale team wrote to our dealers and distributors around the world this week announcing the sell-out of another gold bullion coin from the Australian Lunar series.

The latest release to have achieved this milestone is the 2010 1oz Year of the Tiger.  In 2009 and 2008, 1oz Australian Lunar gold bullion coins celebrating the Year of the Ox and the Year of the Mouse respectively, were also sell-outs.


It draws attention to a unique aspect of our bullion coin program.  We make them primarily to satisfy investor demand for pure gold and silver in the form of legal tender coins.  But, and we have heard this often repeated by our dealers, the coins also have a strong following among collectors.

Unlike other internationally recognised bullion coins, most Perth Mint releases are limited by mintage.  In the case of these 1oz Australian Lunar releases it’s 30,000.  That’s comparable to some numismatic programs!

Limited availability, annual designs and a superior finish (they’re known as “reverse-proofs” in the United States), is clearly a compelling combination to many collectors.

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