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FAQ 3: Why Do You Require My IDs?

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We’ve covered this issue before but it is still one of the most popular questions we get asked by people registering to buy gold and silver bullion on www.perthmintbullion.com.

When you register, we ask for a primary identification document containing your photo and current residential address - an Australian Driver Licence or Passport is perfect.

If the ID document does not contain a photo or address, you’ll need to supply a secondary ID document containing your current residential address – for example a recent utility bill.

Individuals in Australia should complete their ID checks either at The Perth Mint Shop or at one of 3,200 participating Australia Post retail outlets - click here for more information. For overseas clients, we require you to send us two certified/notarized ID documents.

We make these ID checks under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 which requires us to be able to appropriately identify customers of bullion products.

The legislation considers bullion to be something that could be used to transfer cash to organisations involved in illegal activities. The requirement doesn’t just apply to The Perth Mint – it applies to anyone in Australia who supplies gold bullion.

Under the Act, which is administered by AUSTRAC, the limit for bullion trade without identification is A$5,000.

Even if you intend to buy precious metal in minimal quantities, we still insist on completion of the ID check. That’s because, like other online retailers, we face an unfortunate threat from internet fraudsters.

Hopefully, you do not consider the requirements draconian. You only have to identify yourself to us once – not for every transaction. And remember, the legislative requirements do not automatically involve reporting your details to any Government authority.

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New Bullion Room At The Perth Mint Shop

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Just added to the YouTube channel, this quick video presents the new bullion room in the revamped Perth Mint Shop. For anyone living in or visiting Perth, it’s convenient for buying or selling our gold and silver bullion bars and coins during business hours Monday to Friday. Visitors can also sell their unwanted gold jewellery.

For further information about bullion room services at The Perth Mint, call 9421 7248.

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Opportunity To Quiz Bron Suchecki At Free Seminar

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A reminder that Bron Suchecki, Manager, Analysis and Strategy is conducting a free seminar for first time investors in precious metals at the ANDA Coin, Note & Stamp Show in Perth on the weekend.

Bron will present ‘Options for Bullion Investment’ - an information session on the variety of ways you can buy gold and silver including coins and bars, certificate programs, storage options and even via the Australian Stock Exchange.

The seminar starts at 11.00am on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February at the ANDA Show, which takes place at Burswood Convention Centre. (General Admission: $10 - 1 day. Special 2 day passes available at just $15).

Bron is happy to take questions – time permitting – representing a fantastic opportunity for Western Australian bullion buyers to discuss important issues. If you don’t live this side of the
continent, don’t forget that you can watch highlights of previous presentations by Bron on The Perth Mint’s YouTube bullion channel.

Other contributors to the free seminar program include Andrew Crellin, MD, Sterling & Currency; Steele Waterman, ANDA President and MD of Waterman’s Coins & Banknotes; Rob Jackman, MD, The Rare Coin Company; and Belinda Downie, MD, Coin Works. More info.

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ABC Radio Interview With Ron Currie

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Sales and Marketing Director Ron Currie explains why The Perth Mint decided to launch its new bullion website in this interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Tara de Landgrafft.

Link to the ABC to hear Ron’s interview.

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