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Why are pink diamonds so valuable?

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The remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia is home to the world’s only significant source of fancy pink, violet and red diamonds.

Even so, discoveries are now so rare that an entire year’s worth of pink diamonds will fit in the palm of your hand. The number of violet and red diamonds can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

The regal and enthralling beauty of Argyle pink diamonds, combined with this extreme rarity, have made them the most valuable diamonds on the market. Prices for individual fancy coloured diamonds show no signs of slowing down either, thanks to strong interest among discerning collectors, connoisseurs and investors.

Investors are helping to drive the price of fancy coloured diamonds higher.

As a Select Atelier of the famed Argyle Pink Diamond brand, The Perth Mint is currently offering an exclusive opportunity to view a stunning example of these unique Western Australian treasures.

The exquisite 0.74 Carat Natural Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond is free to view in our Shop, located at 310 Hay Street in East Perth. It’s offered for sale at $625,000 and is officially valued at $650,000.

The Perth Mint Shop is contactable on +61 8 9421 7376.

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