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To provide complete peace of mind when you are buying our gold and silver bullion coins, bars or ‘buy & store’ programs, you are protected by a government guarantee included in the Gold Corporation Act 1987, the Western Australian Act of Parliament that created Gold Corporation, operator of The Perth Mint.


Enshrined in Section 22, it states: "The payment of the cash equivalent of gold due, payable and deliverable by Gold Corporation, the Mint or GoldCorp under this Act and all moneys due and payable by Gold Corporation ...  is guaranteed by the Treasurer, in the name and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State."


Moreover, the term ‘gold’ is understood to mean silver and other precious metals, as explained in Clause 3(2):  "A reference in this Act to gold shall be construed as including a reference to silver, other precious metals, precious stones and other minerals", so clients can be reassured that the government guarantee covers all of their precious metal holdings in The Perth Mint's Depository facility.”


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