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Crocodile joins Mother & Baby family of silver bullion coins

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Just the second 2oz Mother & Baby silver bullion ‘piedfort’ to be released by The Perth Mint is available from today.

First seen in mediaeval France, piedforts take their name from the French words for ‘strong foot’ - with the implied meaning of ‘heavy weight’.

With a maximum thickness of 6.42mm, the chunky new release portrays a semi-submerged Saltwater Crocodile with a baby riding on its head.

Saltwater Crocodile

Australia has the greatest population of ‘salties’ in the world. The largest reptiles in existence, these formidable creatures are found across the north of the continent where they represent a significant danger to unwary humans.

Fiercely protective of their nests, females typically lay between 40 and 60 eggs during the breeding season. Mothers exhibit a remarkable level of maternal care for their young, often carrying hatchlings to the water by mouth. Females will also do their utmost to protect juveniles for around eight months before they naturally start to disperse.

Mother & Baby 2019 2oz Silver Bullion Piedfort Coin


Struck from 99.99% pure silver, this year’s Mother & Baby 2oz Silver Bullion Piedfort Coin is issued as Australian legal tender with a maximum mintage of 75,000 pieces.

Investors in Australia can acquire the coin from The Perth Mint either individually in a plastic pouch or in tubes of 10 with a discount for volume. Order can be placed online at, in our Bullion Trading Room, open seven days a week at 310 Hay Street, East Perth, or through Customer Services on 1300 201 112 during normal business hours.

Oversea customers should check with local dealers for availability of this coin in their region.

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