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Combined animal emblems hail silver coin’s iconic status

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Taking symbolic Australian silver bullion coins to the next level, this superb release combines two of Australia’s most famous animal emblems. Within its classic koala portrait, the coin’s reverse features a privy mark in the form of a miniature kangaroo.

Historically, a privy mark is a small symbol in the design of a coin which is added for the purpose of identifying the mint that struck it. The Perth Mint adapted the concept in the 1990s when it began incorporating miniature commemorative symbols in a range of limited mintage releases for extra numismatic interest.

The ‘cuddly’ koala is a renowned member of the marsupial family, Australia’s unique mammal species famed for their pouches. Arguably, only its cousin the kangaroo can claim to be more famous around the globe as a celebrated animal symbol of the land down under.

Just 50,000 of these special Australian Koala coins, each struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in ‘reverse proof’ quality, will be released with a kangaroo privy mark. Competitively priced for investors, they’re also likely to attract significant interest as limited collectables.

To secure this beautiful coin in Australia, buyers can visit The Perth Mint Bullion Trading Room at 310 Hay Street in East Perth, call our Bullion Line on 1300 201 112, or login to

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