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Delivery v Storage – Perth Mint provides online solutions for both camps

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When it comes the utilizing the convenience of the world wide web to purchase bullion, The Perth Mint offers buyers two routes to assess.

For those who consider physical possession of their bullion to be essential, option one offers access to a wide choice of Australian gold and silver coins and bars for immediate delivery.

For those concerned about the security of their valuable assets, however, option two provides the ability to acquire precious metals on an allocated, pool allocated and unallocated basis for safe storage in the Mint’s secure vaults.


Purchase For Physical Delivery -

A trusted source of bullion for six years and one of the first online platforms to provide constantly updated live market pricing, the Mint’s bullion sales site presents an extensive line-up of pure gold and pure silver investment products for delivery.

As well as the renowned Australian Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar coin series, the list includes a large range of minted and cast bars, providing options to purchase from as small as 1 gram of gold and 1/2oz of silver. [See the entire range here.]

Shipped from Perth with optional insurance for delivery within Australia, and internationally throughout a large part of Asia, gold and silver bullion orders are handled exclusively by the Mint’s established courier and secure courier partners.

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Purchase For Secure Storage -

Depository Online is an extension of the Mint’s traditional Depository Program, which currently holds $3 billion worth of client metal. The new service enables clients to benefit from the immediacy of the web to trade pure precious metals held in three storage categories: Allocated, Pool Allocated, and Unallocated.

The table below summarises the key differences between the types of storage, the main one being the segregation of the physical metal backing the storage type.

[For further info check our FAQs.]

Operated by a secure online platform allowing clients to transact at any time, Depository Online accepts orders from as little as $50.

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With passionate viewpoints on both sides of the delivery v storage debate, The Perth Mint has designed unrivaled online trading solutions catering for both camps. Offering a Government Guarantee together with over a century of minting excellence, there is no better qualified organization so finely attuned to the needs of precious metal investors.


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