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Demand for Kangaroo bullion coins surge as new decade dawns

Topics [ Australian Kangaroo silver bullion coins gold market gold bullion coins ]

The Perth Mint experienced an increase in demand for its signature gold bullion coin, the 1oz Australian Kangaroo, in the latter half of 2019 as investors turned to precious metals in the face of an uncertain 2020. 

Sales of the 1oz gold Kangaroo coin in Australia more than doubled in ...

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Koala climbs higher in 2020

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Koala ]

The popular Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coin Series returns in 2020 with a new interpretation of the iconic tree-dwelling animal.

Released today, this year’s simple yet effective artistic study portrays the sleepy creature clinging to a branch.

The koala is a marsupial – a type of mammal that carries its young ...

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Golden Mile to Super Pit – gold from Australia’s most famous outback mine used to create exclusive new coin for investors

Topics [ silver bullion coins gold bullion coins ]

Harsh, arid and lonely. The Western Australian outback is an inhospitable place. Despite the difficult conditions, however, men have pursued their dream of finding gold in this challenging region for well over a century. At Coolgardie in the 1890s, their hopes were well founded, for nearby lay what would become ...

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Perth Mint upsizes Mother and Baby Crocodile coin

Topics [ silver bullion coins Mother and Baby ]

For those with a keen eye on where the price of silver is headed, this new release offers investors the chance to acquire an extra thick ‘piedfort’ coin featuring just the second design in our Mother and Baby series.

Struck from 10oz of 99.99% pure silver, the substantial bullion release ...

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No going backwards for the Australian Emu bullion coin series

Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Emu gold bullion coins ]

Following the success of our first gold and silver bullion coins portraying the world’s second largest bird, The Perth Mint is excited to unveil 2019 versions of the Australian Emu.

Featuring an appealing new reverse design, the coins depict a pair of emus in an arid Australian landscape. Superb detailing ...

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