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No going backwards for the Australian Emu bullion coin series

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Following the success of our first gold and silver bullion coins portraying the world’s second largest bird, The Perth Mint is excited to unveil 2019 versions of the Australian Emu.

Featuring an appealing new reverse design, the coins depict a pair of emus in an arid Australian landscape. Superb detailing ...

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Fast selling Emu coin now available in gold

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Following the runaway success of the first Australian Emu 1oz silver bullion coin, The Perth Mint is pleased to announce a 99.99% pure gold version for investors.

Emus are Australia’s largest native birds. Unknown to Europeans until 17th century explorers reached the continent’s west coast, their name is probably derived ...

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Limited Emu silver bullion coin set to run hot

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Native to Australia, the emu is the second largest living bird on Earth. With tiny wings it’s unable to fly, but with strong, powerful legs it can run with incredible speed. The magnificent bird features prominently in the traditional stories, dance and art of Australian Aborigines, the oldest continuous culture ...

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