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Is gold the future of payment?

Many people have heard the expression that in Roman times an ounce of gold bought a Senator’s toga and today still buys a decent men’s suit. It’s a saying often quoted as proof that gold has enduring purchasing power.

However since the advent of paper money and subsequent abandonment of ...

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Is gold a commodity or a monetary asset?

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Some people regard gold as simply another commodity. However, it can be argued that gold performs differently to commodities in general and more like a monetary asset. Some of the reasons for this are outlined below:

 • Gold does not typically move in step with the broader commodities market, ...

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Why gold?

Across centuries gold's attraction as an investment has remained as constant as the yellow metal’s properties. 

Gold’s diversification benefits and ability to reduce risk at the portfolio level have continued to fuel demand from astute investors worldwide. 

Over the long term the precious metal has offered several key benefits to ...

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Inflows into our ASX-listed gold product hit record highs

The price of gold in Australian dollars rose by 4% in July 2019, closing the month at AUD 2,065 per troy ounce. It has continued to rally in early August, with the price topping AUD 2,200 per troy ounce earlier today. So far it has been a very strong year ...

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Monthly Sales – July 2019

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Total ounces of gold and silver sold by The Perth Mint in July 2019 as coins and minted bars:

  - Gold (Au): 21,518 oz

  - Silver (Ag): 987,040 oz

NB This chart shows total monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint ...

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