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Why you should carefully watch this one ratio as market volatility escalates

The S&P 500 to Gold ratio measures how many troy ounces of gold you could purchase with one 'share' of the S&P 500. If gold was trading at USD 1,000 per troy ounce, and the S&P 500 price index was at 1,000 points, then the ratio would be 1. 

The reason ...

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SIMPLE GUIDE Gold as a hedge against financial calamity

Topics [ gold investing simple guide ]

Investopedia says a hedge is “an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset”.

In other words, a hedge is an investment that is more likely to move up in value when other assets in a portfolio decline in price.

It has often been observed ...

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1oz gold, silver and platinum coins from Australian Lunar III sell out at The Perth Mint

Topics [ platinum bullion coin silver bullion coins gold bullion coins ]

The Australian Lunar Bullion Coin Series III has been enthusiastically received by investors with news that all 30,000 1oz gold coins, 300,000 1oz silver coins and 5,000 1oz platinum coins marking the 2020 Year of the Mouse have sold out.

These popular Australian Lunar releases lay claim to be part ...

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Will silver deliver strong gains for investors in 2020?

Topics [ silver investing ]

Precious metals are back on the investment radar in 2020, with the price of gold rising by over 12% in AUD terms and 4.5% in USD terms in the first two months of the year.

The strong performance continues a period of substantial price growth that dates back to Q4 ...

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Perth Mint Gold: Monthly holdings report – February 2020

Topics [ Perth Mint Gold ]

Perth Mint Gold (ASX: PMGOLD) holdings hit a new all-time high of 150,480 ounces (4.68 tonnes) in February 2020, with inflows of over 12,700 ounces for the month.

Monthly flows into PMGOLD can be seen in the chart below, with last month setting a new record for inflows, marginally exceeding ...

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